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Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Series 4 [DVD]

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Studio: Paramount Home EntertainmentCertification: 15Duration: 1300minsFormat: DVDCategory: Sci Fi

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In Stock - Usually despatched within 24 hoursReleased: 30/04/2007

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The entire fourth season of the 'Star Trek' spin-off series. In 'The Way of the Warrior (Parts 1 and 2)' Captain Sisko calls on Lieutenant Worf to help mediate in the increasingly tense relations between the Klingons and the Federation. 'The Visitor' has an elderly Jake Sisko visited by a young writer who wants to know why Jake stopped writing. He recounts the poignant story of how his father had been feared dead but was actually found to be trapped in sub-space and how, over the years, Jake tried in vain to rescue him from the limbo state. 'Hippocratic Oath' sees Dr Bashir and Chief O'Brien crash land on an uninhabited planet in the Gamma Quadrant and discover a dying platoon of Jem 'Hadar warriors. 'Indiscretion' finds Major Kira and Gul Dukat travelling together to a distant planet where they must investigate a crash site. In 'Rejoined' Dax is confronted with a personal crisis as the wife of one of her former hosts arrives on the station in another host's body, rekindling lost passions that go against everything in Trill society. 'Little Green Men' has Quark crash land on Earth in 1947 in the town of Roswell. 'Starship Down' sees Sisko and his team come under a vicious attack from Jem'Hadar warriors. Kira struggles to save her Captain's life while an unlikely hero has to diffuse a missile. 'The Sword of Kahless' finds veteran Klingon warrior Kor joined by Worf and Dax in a quest for an artefact that would reunite the Klingon Empire. 'Our Man Bashir' has Doctor Bashir and Garak try out a new James Bond style holosuite program. 'Homefront' sees the wormhole begin to open and shut inexplicably. 'Paradise Lost' finds Earth on the edge of martial law as random blood tests are ordered to eliminate the Changeling threat. In 'Crossfire' Shakaar visits the station and causes a security headache for Odo and Worf as a militant Cardassian terrorist group have threatened to assassinate him. 'Return to Grace' has Gul Dukat encounter his old enemy Major Kira when he begins work as a freighter captain. 'Sons of Mogh' sees Worf's brother Kurn decide to commit suicide in order to avoid Klingon dishonour. 'Bar Association' finds Quark's brother Rom driven over the edge by his brother's insensitivity. Rom is determined to break with all Ferengi law and form a trade union, which brings the Ferengi Commerce Authority down on him who will stop at nothing to destroy the union. In 'Accession' an ancient Bajoran light-ship emerges from the wormhole carrying a passenger who believes that he must be the Emissary. 'Rules of Engagement' has Commander Worf face extradition to the Klingon Empire after destroying a civilian Klingon vessel, killing all on board. 'Hard Times' sees Chief O'Brien sentenced to twenty years imprisonment when he breaks an alien law. The punishment is administered by memory implants over a few hours, but the effects last much longer. 'Shattered Mirror' finds Jake lured into the mirror universe to help the Terrans who now have power over the evil alliance. 'The Muse' has Lwaxana Troi seek refuge from her husband on DS9, while Jake comes up with his best piece of writing thanks to the alien Onaya. 'For the Cause' sees the Federation decide to help the stricken Cardassians as they attempt to recover from the Klingon onslaught. 'To the Death' finds Sisko leading the Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant after rogue Jem'Hadar warriors attack the station. He soon finds that he needs to team up with another group of the fearsome warriors to save the galaxy. 'The Quickening' has Dax and Doctor Bashir discover a planet where the entire population are fated with premature deaths. The idealistic doctor decides he must find a cure, and is surprised when his efforts meet with resistance. 'Body Parts' sees Quark puts his remains up for sale when he discovers that he is dying. Meanwhile, Keiko is involved in an accident and has to have her unborn child beamed into Major Kira's body. Finally, in 'Broken Link', Odo finds himself suffering from a strange illness, forcing him to return to his home planet to seek a cure. Sisko is aware that it may be a trap set by the Founders to lure Odo home to face charges.

ActorMajel Barrett, Brock Peters, Jeffrey Combs, Andrew Robinson, Rene Auberjonois, Aron Eisenberg, Marc Alaimo, Rosalind Chao, James Cromwell, Salome Jens, Tony Todd, Duncan Regehr, Penny Johnson, Roy Brocksmith, Avery Brooks, Colm Meaney, Armin Shimerman, Michael Dorn, Nana Visitor, Siddig El Fadil, Cirroc Lofton, Robert O'Reilly, Chase Masterson, Alexander Siddig, Max Grodenchik, Terry Farrell, John Colicos, J.G. Hertzler, Ken Marshall
DirectorReza S. Badiyi, LeVar Burton, James L. Conway, Alexander Singer, David Livingston, Les Landau, Winrich Kolbe, Jonathan West
SeriesStar Trek Deep Space Nine
Format TypeDVD
Catalogue NoPHE9358
Release Date30/04/2007
Studio DescriptionParamount Home Entertainment
RegionRegion 2
Running Time (mins)1300
Discs7 disc(s)
Produced (year)1996
ExtrasLanguage(s): English|Interactive Menu|Screen ratio 1:1.33|Dolby Digital 2.0 Bonus Footage|Documentaries: Featurette: 'Michael Westmore's Aliens'|Interviews: Producer Ira Steven Behr, writers Ronald D Moore and Robert Hewitt Wolfe and cast members Avery Brooks, Terry Farrell and Susanna Thompson|Michael Dorn discusses his decision to join ST:DS9


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